How to remove moles without big scars?

Moles around anywhere can be easily removed, but they leave a scar. I don't really care about the scars, as long as their not very big and red. A little white scar is is fine for me, it actually looks cool, right? Well, I've got lots of moles on my back (probably 30) and I want to move at least 20 of them. However, the doctor in the hospital says there will be a high risk to leave big scars and it's impossible to make them smaller. I don't believe this. Everyone removes moles all around their body without getting big scars back. Please tell me what kind of scars I will get. Thank you.

One extra question:

On the mirrors at my home, I look pretty good. Also in school. But in the hospital and at the doctor, every little spot GETS BIG AS HELL! I'm so incredibly ugly there. Which one is right?

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    Ice T- and Cindy Crawford - famous Million-Dollar model, even Madonna has a good mole on their faces! Google:

    Celebrities with beauty marks 122,000,000 r results (0.17 seconds)

    Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons's DD of KISS, has one on her face, actually for her it's a huge birthmark. There are good moles and there are bad moles. Elizabeth Taylor has good mole, Before you do anything to your mole, make sure it's been seen by a doctor if it's a good mole or a bad mole.

    Someone on YA! mentioned she used Dermatend, and put holes on her face!

    I had a mole on my thigh that was throbbing. It was the size of a pencil eraser. Dermatologist told me it wasn't cancer, but I had it removed (3 stitches) but it got infected. I couldn't keep water from it when I take a shower and it left me a 1 1/2" scar, but it was still throbbing. My other dermatologist injected something around it, and it got flatter, but the throbbing stopped. That was 6 years ago, but the throbbing starts again, but the scar is almost gone. I should have left it alone, but the throbbing was annoying me!

    Google A Death by Suntan by age 26, Yahoo Shine 3-23-10. In April 2005, while working out at her college gym in Rhode Island, 22-year-old Glenna Kohl detected a hard, golf ball-size lump near her groin. . . . .In high school, Glenna did have an irregular mole removed from her leg. A pathology report identified it as benign, but the surgeon tested it again. The lab had made an error: The mole was an early stage melanoma.

    Moles that are the same color as your skin, will become bumpier, not darker, & larger, but they will become as skin tags. Again, don't try to cut them yourself without having seen by a doctor. I've cut mom's skin tags, all 37 of them, and only 2 of them bled. But, I put a Band-aid, and it was fine several hours later. You can prevent getting skin tags, moles, freckles by avoiding the sun @ least 95% of the day. Wear a wide brim hat with no holes, do your errands in the shade, or bring an umbrella, they were invented to protect us from the elements!

    Take the Skin Picture Quiz - Identify These Common Skin Conditions on MedicineNet.


    Ewan McGregor: The Angels & Demons star had a cancerous mole below his right eye removed in 2008. "It was great fun having skin cancer," the now cancer-free actor joked at the time. "I really enjoyed it."

    Regis Philbin: The daytime host has endured two skin cancer scares. After having a lump removed from his hand via Mohs surgery, he had a more serious lump removed from his face in 1993.

    Read more:

    Steve Perry, ex Journey singer: Perry had a mole removed from his face that turned out to be cancerous. "I've had two surgeries in two weeks to remove all the cancer cells and I've been told they think they got it all and no other treatments are required.

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    The size of scars depends on a few variables: the size of the mole, the depth of the mole, the skill of the surgeon and whether the mole is benign, precancerous or malignant. Doctors almost always give you the worst case scenarios so you are mentally prepared for what you see after the surgery. If you think scars are bad they are nothing compared to cancer treatments -so don't let the fear of a scar prevent you from having them removed. Better to live 80 years with a scar -even a big one -than die of cancer in three years because you didn't have a mole removed because you were worried about a scar. No one-not even the doctor can predict exactly how large scars will be. Second question: It's all in the lighting. Hospitals and Dr's office use cheap cold white fluorescent light bulbs and that washes the color out of everyone. natural light has more of a warm yellow tone, which is far more flattering to everyone's skin tone. Don't worry about how you look in hospital lighting. Everyone looks awful.

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    Ok first- I want to tell you that I have what looks like a bullet wound in my back due to a mole removal. So your doctor is right. What he's talking about are keloids and they are NOT cool. Frankly, no scar is and it frightens me that you think so. Its much more common for removed moles on your back to turn into those raised and red keloids because of how much you move your back. And the closer to your arms, the worse its likely to be, as you'll stretch the wound even more, foring less natural healing. Its not worth it. I have a lot of moles and, whatever. I'd take 10 new moles over this awful scar on my back. Don't do things to your body unless they're medically necessary.

    And your at home mole appearance is correct. The lighting and mirrors in the Dr's office are far from flattering, and bring out the contrast of moles on your skin. Who is making you feel ugly over moles? unless you're nearly naked all the time, most people probably have no clue that you have many at all. If you want to feel attractive, go have experiences and give your time to be appealing, not cool because you have some mole scars.

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    Moles are generally unsightly growths located on skin. Moles can get removed through surgery, or better yet with different do-it-yourself solutions.

    Surgical treatment is overpriced, priced at anywhere from around $100-$450 yet it can easily leave behind scars. Natural home remedies will be economical and could exterminate bothersome moles inside just a couple days with no scarring.

    Do-it-yourself solutions may inlcude apple cider vinegar, cumin seeds, or perhaps grapefruit seed extract used during a quick time.

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