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Latin phrases on a necklace.?

I want to get a Latin phrase inscribed on a necklace, something like a silver washer (not a regular washer) with a leather strip through the middle so i can wear it. So i have narrowed my choices down to two phrases they are:

nil desperandum, semper spes est

Never despair, there is always hope


Faber est quisque fortunae suae

Every man is the architect of his own fortune

Which should i pick, and where can i get the washer and get it inscribed. I want it to look boyish. I am going to give it to my brother who is heading off to medical school as something to help him through the struggle of it.

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    I would choose "Nil desperandum, semper spes est". A lot of med students struggle at some point and I think that would be a nice pick-me-up for him.

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