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Is it Fake???? *QUICK*?

I really want ray ban sunglasses for pretty cheap and i found a sound where they are REALLY CHEAP! is it fake??

THats the website. Thanks:)

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    Don't go by the style, or the brand, or PRICE not one size fits all, go for COMFORT.

    People's Beauty Watch Feb 2013 issue page 134, both Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus have right lens lower than the left lens, not fitting properly! Even models (ex: J Crew page 21) wear sunglasses crocked wearing Ray Ban Aviator! How about Former First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, wearing a lopsided, falling off her nose-sunglasses heading to the airport? 6-20-13.

    Best answer is to try each one in front of a mirror. Do they slide off your nose? Can you see your eyebrows? Are they snug when you wear them? Can you see your eyes? Are they Polarised or do they have Photochromic lenses? Do you like to hide them when you wear your sunglasses? You like them? Buy them.

    According to the AARP Class I took - they recommend if you wear sunglasses, to pick amber lenses, if you're going to drive, better visibility.

    I've been wearing RayBan Wayfarers since the 80's, and I have 2 new ones to go over my regular eyeglasses. Ray Bans have been around since 1937, they KNOW what they're doing. The last one I ordered from Piperline, was Floral style, but they kept falling off me, they don't even fit over my regular glasses, like the others I've had. I returned it right away!

    I also suggest when paying for online purchases, don't use Paypal, it takes just once to be a victim. I was and it took 3 years to get my credit. Use your Credit Card, always, they can help you if any disputes.

    AND beware of international shipping, they could add 3-25% extra fees, even if the price is cheap.

    My merchant was from Texas, but the product was shipped from Hong Kong.

    Other times, when you need to call Customer Service, they speak in foreign tongue and no one to translate them or JUST they don't answer calls.

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    7 years ago

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    7 years ago

    My brother just got his rayban sunglasses that he bought from this site last week.

    Comes with box, looks good. Any way, it it worth buying.

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