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Lauren asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 8 years ago

Does taking a fiber pill with sweets reduce the sugar's effect on blood?

I read that fruits' sugar isn't that harmful to your blood sugar/cholesterol bc it has fiber too....if I take a fiber pill with cookies/cake will it have a similar effect? I want to reduce the tiredness I sometimes feel after eating sweets.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Probably won't help. The issue here is when sugar is rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, and so quickly spikes your blood sugar level. The body responds to this by releasing insulin to drive down blood sugar to normal levels. That causes the classic rapid rise and then fall in blood sugar, and your body interprets the latter half of that cycle, the quick decline in blood sugar, as you running low on fuel. Hence you may feel tired or lethargic or hungry for more carbs to raise the blood sugar.

    There are two mitigating factors with fruit. One is that the sugar is intertwined with, and protected in a sense, by fiber. So your digestion has to spend time working through the fiber to release the sugar. That slows down the blood-sugar impact and makes it more moderate. The other factor is that a piece of fruit simply does not have MUCH sugar. It has some of course, but less than a typical bit of junk food.

    If you take a straight dose of sugary junk food, and just swallow some fiber too, that's probably not going to work the way you want.

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