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Natalie asked in SportsOther - Sports · 7 years ago

Longboard wheels on a skateboard?

I dont have enough money to buy a whole new deck. Im hoping to get one for my birthday though. For now i want to put longboard wheels on my skateboard.

Right now i have one riser so what size should i get? Also do i need any other parts? (Ive never done anything with longboards before)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Personally, I don't think risers are even necessary, so either have both, or none. For wheels, I would get abec 11 70 mm wheels with a durometer of 80 or 78. Also, I'm pretty positive this is necessary, but not quite sure, you will also need longboard trucks. I've never tried longboard wheels on skateboard trucks but you can test it out. If that doesn't work, get Paris 180 mm trucks. I would recommend them because They're fairly cheap and are good working. Obviously, you will need a skateboard tool to replace the wheels and trucks. Make sure that when you are putting the trucks on that they aren't too loose or else you could possibly get wheel bite. Otherwise than that its just easy cruising as if you were on a small longboard. Try it out and have fun. :) When you get your longboard deck, you will have tons more fun if you try sliding.

    Source(s): Personal Experience. I'm a longboarder myself.
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  • zahm
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Lengthy board wheels are bigger and wider than skateboard wheels. And due to the fact of it, longboards are rapid for touring compared to skateboards and it may even roll to rougher terrain. I haven't tried to place longboard wheels on my skateboard so i guess you had to try to position the longboard wheels in your skateboard and notice if the wheels is not going to contact the board while you trip it. Else, you needed to substitute your skateboard wheels or use your longboard.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I suggest saving up money and buying a complete longboard. Don't put longboard wheels on a skateboard, It just makes you look new to the hobby.

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