trade felix hernandez, pedro alvarez, and billy butler for edwin encarnacion?

id be getting edwin encarnacion. now hear me out, i dont need butler or alvarez they are worthless to me, so basically its just felix for edwin. theres some good iptions in free agency like brandon beachy, alexi ogando, michael pineda(whenever he gets called up, wein yin chen(orioles ace) so i plan to use edwin at first base and jeter at my utility.y linup would like this : C buster posey1b edwin encarnacion2b aaron hill 3b hanley ramirez ss jose reyes of yasiel puig of mike trout of andrew mccutchen util derek jeter. pitchers: hyun jin ryu, james shields, a.j. burnett, annibal sanchez, jake peavy, homer bailey, fransisco liriano, tony cingrani , rp: aroldis chapman, kenley jansen.

so im thinkin would giving up felix be worth the boost i get from edwin encarnacion? should i go for fielder instead?


would making the trade billy butler and felix hernandez for edwin encarnacion even the trade out for me if the other one is too much?

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  • bored
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    7 years ago
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    just because you think Bulter and Alvarez are worthless doesn't mean they have no trade value. You should be getting more than Edwin Encarnacion. you lose.

    second trade is also too much. felix hernandez alone should be able to get him. if not, throw in pedro.

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  • 7 years ago

    Felix straight up for encarn

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