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Is the 2013 dodge charger a good first car?

Is it a good choice for a kids first car? The safety ratings im happy with but everything else I want opinions on. http://www.dodge.com/en/2013/charger/

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    Yes, if you can afford it. Don't listen to the others, Dodge and Chrysler have been top rated for years now with JD Power.

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    6 years ago

    yer kidding right?... a current year car?.. do you WANT to have sky high insurance?... get them a cheap POS until they learn to drive well and get use to being on the road more... and if they use some earned money to help pay for it they will be more responsible in the end...

    and honestly anything that is made of METAL and not the fiberglass crap should be fine.

    But just remember, all it is, is a bomb on wheels so just make sure they drive safe and it shouldn't matter what car it is.

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    In all honesty its a very good first car I'm 16 and my first car is a $4500 Chevy trailblazer, but dodge/Chrysler/etc tend to be crap if your looking for safe reliable new car, look at the Subaru legacy, Subaru imprezza, or any other Subaru for that matter, because it is the first auto maker to get a top safety pick on EVERY MODEL! That's unheard of! My grandparents bought a subaru forester back in 2001 and it has 148,000 miles on it and they have literally had NO problems, not exaggerating, nothing! They are great great cars

  • Yes it is a great car!! First or not! Don't listen to the green eyed monsters here, if you can afford it go for it, i know it's a great car as i work for a Chrysler dealer happy motoring !

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  • 6 years ago

    In general, Chrysler/Dodge cars tend to be crap.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    NO! Get a Mustang

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