Puig for Chris Davis? Please help!?

Should I trade Yasiel Puig for Chris Davis in a 10 team KEEPER league?

My Team:

Buster Posey

David Ortiz

Robinson Cano

Adrián Béltre

Troy Tulowitzki

Mark Trumbo

Matt Kemp

Yasiel Puig

Wil Myers

Benched: Oscar Taveras

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  • 8 years ago
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    ok whoa puig is not an idiot thats funny. he had the best start ever ecorded in the histiry of baseball that says something. i would keep puig he is gonna give you a higher batting average he is gonna steal bases and he is gonna score more runs especially with hanley adrian kemp crawford and ethier batting behind him. sure he probably wont hit 400 i do however think at some time in his career.. he might but probably not this year. this guys is the equivalent of mike trout, soo keep him davis is tempting really tempting but keep puig

    edit: puig is going to give you hits average, home runs, runs rbi stolen bases. wheres davis is only going to give you home runs and rbi. puig and trout are the same, would you trade trout for davis even with daviss hot year? no you wouldnt so why trade puig. i have grew up playing i watch every game i can and i can tell who is good and who isnt, davis has an amazing swing this year but he is in a lil funk right now and puigs swing is still better it closely mirrors trouts swing. puig is gonna coll off some but he is still most likely a 350 hitter and you dont trade 350 hitters, the only person i might trade puig for is miguel cabrera or.. his equivalent, mike trout, maybe andrew mccutchen but thered be no point cause itd be a dead even trade. chris davis is going.to fall below 300 i expect him to hit between 270-280 by the time the season is over with around 50 hr, but most of thos home runs have already came in his second half isnt going to be as outstanding as his first half was. but puig should continue to shred mlb pitching for the remainder of the year and the dodgers have more superstars than the orioles he will get more fastballs to hit he will have more rbi chances and get more runs scored because the peiple behind him are great especially hanley ramirez who is somehow having just as good of a season as puig. oh yeah id also consider trading puig for hanley but itd be dead even again.

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  • 8 years ago

    Take it. Chris Davis is a monster and has a good track record and will pick himself back up sooner or later. Yasiel Puig is arrogant and is an idiot. Yes he was a beast in June in his debut, but that's because nobody knew how he played and who he was. He's too aggressive and swings at every pitch he sees, literally. Pitchers and their coaches already all know what his weakness is, and that's any count with 2 strikes. Puig also doesn't get the runs at times because he will steal like a moron. TAKE THE TRADE. Oh and also Chris Davis can fill in as your first baseman, so that's also a plus.

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  • 8 years ago

    Hell ya you better take that!! Davis amd Puig are in a slump, but Davis will hit 50 homer's before season is over. Take the offer.

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