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Howmany countries used the atomic bomb and who made the atomic bomb?

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    The Manhattan project was Overseen by Oppenheimer

    the Project used 130,000 people in the UK Canada and the USA on 30 secret bases

    the Project was slow but the UK sent 30 Scientists to Los allamos in 1944 to ensure the Project would be Finished Before the Japanese Surrendered

    Prime Minister Churchill and Prime Minister King along with FDR had a Meeting in Canada at the meeting all three agreed

    Not to use the weapons without the permission of the Other 2

    Not to use them against each other

    Stalin knew about the Project before Truman who only found out on the Death of FDR

    and when the Canadians saw the destructive Power Resigned from any further partisipation in nuclear weapons and handed over all their information to the British

    that was why the US government tried to poach Penny

    Britain was the first country to seriously study the feasibility of nuclear weapons, and made a number of critical conceptual breakthroughs. The first theoretically sound critical mass calculation was made in England by Otto Frisch and Rudolf Peierls in Feb. 1940. Inspired by this finding the MAUD Committee (a code name chosen from the first name of one member's nanny) was founded. Headed by Sir Henry Tizard, from 10 April 1940 to 15 July 1941, this committee worked out the basic principles of both fission bomb design and uranium enrichment by gaseous diffusion. The work done by the MAUD Committee was instrumental in alerting the U.S. (and through espionage, the USSR) to the feasibility of fission weapons in WWII. A high level of cooperation between Britain, the U.S., and Canada continued through the war, formalized by the 1943 Quebec Agreement. Britain sent the "British Mission", a team of first rank scientists to work at Los Alamos. Among the scientists who made this journey were the pioneer of shock wave physics Geoffrey I. Taylor and a protege - William G. Penney. The mission made major contributions to the Manhattan Project, and provided the nucleus for British post-war atomic weapons development effort.

    and to date only the USA has dropped them But it was also a Team effort and an RAF squadron leader was the Only foreigner on the Observation Aircraft who reported to Churchill

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    Although the first atomic bomb was produced in the USA under the Manhattan Project it would have taken far longer if it had not been for the input of refugee scientists such as Niels Bohr of Denmark and Enrico Fermi from Italy, together with the work done by British scientists based at the Cavendish Laboratories of Cambridge University in the 1930s. The US was ready to give up on the work of their all-American Uranium Committee until the British produced the MAUD Report, inspired by another pair of expatriot physicists Otto Frisch and Rudolf Peierl, which argued that a bomb could be produced in time to affect the course of the war.

    Key members of the final team included Fermi, Zine (Canadian), Teller (Hungarian), Kistiakowsky (Russian exile), and Weisskopf (Austrian). There were side projects going on in several major universities again with exiles in key roles. Britain also sent a team led by Geoffrey I. Taylor and William G. Penny. Penny became part of the inner circle headed by Oppenheimer.

    Only the USA has used an atomic bomb in the attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Britain made its own using plutonium and designed by Penny. This was tested in 1947. The Soviet Union using information supplied by Klaus Fuchs and based upon Penny's work, created its first atomic bomb in 1949.

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    USA, China, Russia, North Korea, I believe South Korea, UK and believe it or not France all have nuclear bombs.

    The United States is currently the only one to use it in a war at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Other countries such as Soviet Union, North Korea, etc have threatened it.

    Although it was the United States who sat down and planned the atomic bomb. It was Albert Einstein that said a small weapon can create mass destruction. His E=mc2 formula helped prove this correct.

    However, it was certainly not Einstein responsibility to build an atomic bomb, and certainly not use it as a threat for war.

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    Only USA has used an a-bpmb in combat,twice over Japan in August 1945.

    Although developed in the USA and the project as a whole overseen by the American Oppenheimer,it was an international group of scientists that were responsible who "made" the atomic bomb:

    Fermi (Italian,left Mussolini's Italy 1938;new racial laws there effected his wife,who was Jewish)

    Teller (Hungarian,emigrated to US in 1930s as he didn't like the fascist Horthy regime)

    Fuchs (German born Briton assigned to the Manhattan Project)

    were the real architects of the a-bomb.

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    America developed the atomic bomb and has been the only country to use one in a war so far

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    1 country use the atomic bomb: the United States of America

    Who planned it?

    Albert Einstein.

    But the United States created it.

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    1 used it USA - Manhattan project is the government program to build it- google that

    Current countries who have nuclear capabilities-








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