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'Active directory domain services not available' when searching for printer?

Just today as I went to print something from Microsoft word 2007 on windows 8 64 bit it came up with the above message. I've checked that all drivers are up to date and that the printer is there, it just won't let me find new printer from the print option in Microsoft.

Has anybody else had this problem and how do you solve it.



Also i have a HP PSC 1410 printer

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    Try doing a system restore. Go back to when everything was working for you

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    I'm not really all that computer astute. ( Have you noticed how when you try too put to v's together,like in 'savvy', it makes a 'w'.) Anyway I digress ( as Ronnie Corbet used to say in the Two Ronnies , co-starring ro..........) oh **** there I go again .Anyway to your little problem, in the army if all else failed we did the 'drop test', on all kinds of expensive kit.Just drop the offending item from what-ever height feels good and then test it. You'd be surprised how effective this can be if you've got the balls to try it.

    Of course it's easier to do when the tax-payer's footing the bill for subsequent repair or replacement

    Ha Ha suckers;)

    Source(s): The ' Alternative ' manual of military law magazine (bi monthly).
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