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Is my air handler not working properly?

I recently moved into an apartment complex. I noticed when I moved in that the AC would not bring the indoor temperature any lower than 77 degrees (F). I figured the unit had not been used in a while, so I decided to wait a few days. Same issue after a week. I also noticed that the unit was running constantly, only to lower the temp to 77-78 degrees, indoors. Also, the two bedrooms farthest from the blower unit is at least 80+ degrees during the hottest parts of the day. After two different HVAC technicians telling me that it was normal, and doing some minor maintenance (cleaning, checking register discharge temps), it still persists.

Are they correct with that conclusion? The days can get 90-100 degrees outside (Northern California region). I've lived in this area for 15+ years and my other apartment's AC systems could cool the apartment to 72, easily, and the unit would not run constantly throughout the day.

The unit is a Lennox CB11-26 in a 1200 sq. ft. upstairs apartment.

Any help would be great. :)

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    first problem is that it is a Lennox.. other than that it is not working right. Apartment maintenance men are not in some cases able to correct problems. So you may need to bite the bullet and get a real AC guy out there. If the tech comes up with something conclusive than I would look to management to re-inverse you.

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    If the unit cannot bring the temp down to 68 degrees or below, than it is either undersized for the space or malfunctioning. My guess is the former to save money. Turn off the registers in the back bedrooms and if the rest of the living space gets much cooler, you have answer.

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    Don't sound like its working right to me. I have small window unit and my house stays 66-69° all time day and night. I would complain to landlord until he replaced it with new one. Why pay rent somewhere uncomfortable?

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