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Period from Hell or something more serious?

About once a year sometimes twice, i get a wicked period with the chills, convulsions usually in my legs, severe constipation, and the most intense cramps i can endure. I also tend to faint, always in the bathroom for some reason from trying to poo.

This time feels so much worse and i also have a 99.6 fever, It has lasted since last night and im really starting to worry maybe its appendicitis or something (but i can pee, poo, and fart so it cant be right?).

Sleeping it off seems impossible and it hurts every time i move. It in my love area where my girly parts are but also in my stomach region. I am not any more nauseous that most of the times i get it. I am really psyching myself out here, any help?! Im terrified of hospitals and dont want to go for a severe case of constipation~~!

Am i worrying for nothing????


*lower not love.

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  • Jennay
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    8 years ago
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    I have very similar symptoms - I get a few REALLY painful and heavy periods each year - the others are tolerable, but most last at least 6 days and I've fainted before from the pain. You may want to have your ovaries examined VIA ultrasound just to be sure you're not dealing with cysts or anything - but generally some women just get more severe cramps than others, and this can cause pain that even radiates down through your legs. A gynecologist visit would be wise, though. You can also try Ibuprofen and heating pads.

    As for the constipation, this may be due to your intestines spazzing out along with your uterus spasms (aka cramps) - because the same chemicals control both. For some women, this gives them diarrhea - for others, it's the opposite. I might recommend Miralax - it's very mild, and it simply draws water into the intestines - Miralax is never absorbed into your blood stream or anything so it's very safe to take.

  • Anonymous
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    I would suggest talking to a doctor about that as soon as possible. Even if it is just an uncomfortable period, he or she can do something to help you survive it! Good luck!

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