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Why does Jesus allow divorce for adultery, but not for physical abuse, verbal abuse, and child endangerment?


Aren't these valid reasons to divorce and remarry?

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    Wait for it...context!

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    He wasn't allowing; he was answering a question.

    Read mat 5 and Mat 19 in entirety and you will see what he is actually saying. Your words indicate you do not know.

    He wasn't talking about divorce; he was talking about the right of a man to divorce a woman, and was responding to specific criteria.

    As you know, men could divorce women but women could not divorce men in the same way at all. Rights were very different for men and women. Notice that the text doesn't show Jesus paying any attention to this discrepancy. Since, as we know, the words attributed to jesus actually are the words of the people writing the text, not Jesus, we can safely assume here that the texts do not go back to Jesus. He was very egalitarian through and through. These texts aren't Jesus.

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    Divorce is permitted, just not remarriage! With all t the Commands in the Bible, IF the couple were obeying them, then all these other reasons for divorce would Not be there!

    With the invention of the TV and now computers, these days families have very little in them these days.

    Why don't you watch "The 1900 house" on DVD or FREE over the Internet and see what happens when a family is picked out to life in a house as it was in 1900, No modern anything!?

    Source(s): Bible, history
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    Any abuse is fallacious, however emotional leaves scars for a lifetime. Any individual who encourages you to stay in an abusive marriage is just not acting on your satisfactory curiosity or your young ones both. Many would bear in mind exposing your youngsters to this a form of abuse! Tell your mother to back off. If the one allegations your mom has is that you wish to have a divorce, any just right social employee will see via it! Beat them to the punch and go to baby services yourself and ask for help in counseling for the kids to get them via this. There are many caring and compassionate churches out there who would lend aid during this time. Depart the church you're concerned in if they do nto recognize. Repeatedly you have got to make a brand new start to survive1 do you realise how many women began out with just verbal and emotional abuse and ended up useless? Get out! Be safe! Maintain your self and your children! Blessings

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    It the Prophets all immorality is adultery so Jesus did allow divorce for all of those reasons.

  • I guess somewhere along the line man twisted things to suit their needs / wants. Wth divorce is allowed just not remarriage , but god would want us happy not all celibate and grumpy.

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    they are valid reasons for divorce and annulments in the catholic church .

    john 21:24-25 may have the answer.

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    Most things stated as law in the bible were not actually stated by Jesus, but by others later.

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    Only men (other then priests) were allowed multiple partners, so it is not a requirement (to divorce) I guess....

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    You can separate for those reasons.

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