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How to get my hair to lay back down and form waves?

I am black and I have regular African hair (if that makes sense). I had a small afro for about 8 weeks, I cut it off to wave length and now my hair is still standing up like I have a fro. This usually doesn't happen when I cut my hair but it did and it is making it difficult to form waves due to it not laying down. I want to know how I can lay my hair back down and how I can get 360 waves in my hair. Also if it helps I have the type of hair that curls up when wet, and it also curls up permanently when I grow my hair out until I pick it out. So what would be the best thing to do for laying my hair down and getting waves in my hair?

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    You should start off with a low cut. Not scalped, but pretty low. Then get yourself a good brush. if your hair is short you'll want a soft or medium unless you have really coarse hair. Make sure you brush the right way.

    1) Brush the top forward

    2) Brush the back down

    3) Brush the sides diagonally down from your crown to your cheeks.

    There's a picture at It's also a full guide to get waves if you need more tips.

    To lay down your hair, you'll want a pomade like Deep Wave. Make sure to wear a durag or wave cap also to lay it down.

    Source(s): WAvebuilder's guide how to get 360 waves
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