My girlfriend asks me to do A LOT of small favors and its getting out of hand?

I've only been dating this girl for a month or so and so far so good. But one thing that's starting to bother me is all the small favors she's asking me to do. I don't mind helping her out every once in a while but its getting ridiculous. Little things like "can you go to the store and buy me a coke" or "can you get my phone from my dresser?" I'm well equipped to handle most any "**** test" women throw at me but this is a bit of a curve ball because she's not asking me to do anything out of the ordinary. All of her requests are perfectly reasonable, she's always polite and respectful when she asks and its always something i can do with minimal effort or time. The problem is she's asking me for these favors almost constantly now and its way too much. Dont get me wrong, its honestly no big deal for me to go out to her car and grab her purse for her but I'm her boyfriend...not her butler. How do I slow this down while maintaining my masculinity and WITHOUT being an asshole?

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    6 years ago
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    Hey hopster,just to say your a great guy for doing all her favors,but well it seems like she's taking advantage of you,mate.Just be straight with her and tell her everything you said in your question,just be all like,"I don't mind doing things for you sweetheart,but lately it seems like there's more and more to do for you,and well I was thinking if you can cut it down a little bit."You know?But make sure you have an extra sweet voice with her so that she doesn't get offended:)Best of luck!!Take it easy

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    6 years ago

    In private, write down the next ten

    favors she asks you for, that you

    do for her, with a smile and a kiss.

    When you get to ten, then begin

    asking her for favors. Don't say a

    word about any that she makes

    an excuse to not do for you. Just

    add that to your notes.

    I highly suspect that she is using

    you as her personal gopher and

    that she has a lazy streak in her.

    Just keep score. How many favors

    do you grant her and how many

    she refuses to do for you.

    When you are good and fed up

    with doing for her what she can

    easily do for herself, then you

    can pull the plug and demand

    that she even the score or get off

    her lazy backside and do some

    things for herself.

    Remind her that it's for her own

    good, considering that her sitting

    around all the time and you doing

    everything for her is damaging to

    her health, and then tell her how

    much weight you have noticed

    she has gained in her backside

    since you have catered to her

    desires for so long.


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    ...You talk to her about it...for example: hey babe, I don't mind doing things for you once in a while but I'm not your butler and these little requests such as getting your purse out of the car or getting your lipstick from the counter it's getting out of hand. You're capable of getting up and getting it yourself.

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