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how do i become an FBI HRT?

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    Applicants interested in applying as a Tactical Recruitment Program (TRP) candidate should respond to the tactical questions now contained within the general Special Agent application. There is no longer a separate application for TRP applicants. Candidates for the position of FBI Special Agent must possess a four-year college degree and three years of professional work experience; be available for assignment anywhere in the FBI's jurisdiction; be between the ages of 23 and 36; be in excellent physical condition with the ability to pass a rigorous physical fitness test; and consent to a complete background investigation, drug test, and polygraph. HRT Operators are Special Agents first, and will have investigative and managerial career opportunities in the FBI following their HRT assignment.

  • Anonymous
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    You have to be an agent first. After you are, plan on being an agent for at least 10yrs. HRT is the elite of the elite in the FBI. They have very few positions and lots of people interested. You have to be in very good shape as well.

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    Get hired as a special agent. See

    work at your assignments for 5 years ( you are considered a rookie for at least that long) until you can get assigned to an office that fields and HRT.

    Express and interest, be fit and ready and play the political games needed to get the training.

    Then you join a team form that office.

    Then you go back to work on your regular special agent stuff until needed or for extra practice/training on HRT.

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