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Is this possible by not sleeping enough?

So i have slept for 2 hours or so yesterday night (already tired before) and last night i have not slept at all, now i was watching a Horror movie just because i was bored and afterwards i started hearing wierd noises like pounds in my room and i felt like someone was charging at me violently and even got startleled without there being anyone else in the house. I felt horrofied by nothing at all and kept getting starteled because i felt the need to defend myself against something. Now i usually don't have anything like this from watching a scary movie and this was by far not the scariest i have seen.

I actually veel very uneasy while writing this so someone please tell me what this is. I am feeling very scared but THERE IS NOTHING. If someone knows wat to do please tell me. I can't stand this.

I don't have any mental illnesses that could cause this and i have not been traumatized by something in the past.

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    Sleep deprivation is unhealthy and you have deprived yourself of sleep. It isn't yet fully understood why we need to sleep but people who have kept themselves awake for long periods e.g. trying to get a world record for going the longest without sleep, or for scientific experiments on the effects of sleep deprivation, suffer hallucinations at some point. Moreover, people have been known to simply drop dead from lack of sleep e.g. computer game addicts playing World of Warcraft have been found dead having played the game for 4 days without sleep. Experiments with rats deprived of sleep results in death as well. The reason is not yet known.

    Also, during sleep the brain functions on different wavelengths from normal, wakeful brainwaves (Beta). As a person becomes very sleepy, their brainwave state becomes Theta (the point of just falling asleep), known as Stage 1 sleep. Note that it is possible to be in stage one sleep yet still 'awake' i.e. the brainwaves are fluctuating from Beta waves to Theta waves as the person struggles to stay awake. The deep sleep of Delta waves is not important to your question because at no time were you deeply asleep when your experiences happened. A fifth sleep stage is the R.E.M. stage (short for Rapid Eye Movement). This is the stage of sleep when we dream. Now what is important is that the brainwaves of R.E.M. sleep are similar to the Theta waves of stage one sleep (which you can have while still 'awake').

    So, your strange experience of fear and a sense of something being nearby COULD have been caused by your lack of sleep. Indeed, what was probably happening was that you were hallucinating: A classic symptom of extreme lack of sleep. Your brain, being so tired, was slipping into stage one sleep (Theta waves) and then back to awake (Beta waves). Your *waking* mind was thinking about the horror film but was slipping into a brainwave state *very similar* to that in which dreams occur; shifting from consciously remembering the film to unconsciously *dreaming* about it and back again (without even knowing you'd slipped into sleep).

    The overall effect was a mixed up sense of consciousness in which you *dreamed* things which caused the emotional response you felt as fear.

    This explains (in an albeit clumsy way) why sleep deprived people hallucinate.

    Now go to bed!

    Source(s): The book Lucid Dreaming by Celia Green and Charles McCreery plus a lot of experience of different sleep stages as a lucid dreamer, and waking dreamer, myself.
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    You are over-thinking on this. You need to relax before you go to bed. Wind down without TV or computers etc for 2 hours before bedtime and drink a hot drink such as Horlicks or Ovaltine an hour before bed. Avoid caffeine and nicotine for at least one hour before going to bed. Once in bed, switch your mind off to horror movies, bad thoughts about the day/week past and think about positive things which make you happy. Too much on your mind, or trying too hard to get to sleep will give you sleepless nights and headaches. Almost certainly this is a one off so do not worry too much. But if it becomes a pattern get a medical opinion.

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    You can develop hearth problems and lose concentration, creativity, judgement, memory capacity and look like a zombie. Buy a blindfold and sleep with it to avoid sunlight and perform a foot and body massage to relax. Sleep on your sides since on your back is mostly uncomfortable. You shouldnt be aroused or stressed. Be calm and take deep breaths.

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    Just get a few nights of good sleep.

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    Lack of sleep can cause you to have anxiety..... go to bed.

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