Xbox One VS. PS4? Which one do you think is better?

I have Xbox 360. I like Xbox, but which one do you think has better performance, better graphics and just fun to enjoy? Xbox One has over 300000 servers, not bad and it won't even lag. So tell me which is better and why? Professional answers needed to get 10+

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  • 8 years ago
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    Please don't buy the BS Microsoft is saying about server size and 5 billion transistors....that makes little impact.

    What use are having that amount of servers if not enough Xbox will use them? Server count doesn't determine lag issues for the most part.

    Both Xbox and ps4 will have near identical online quality since now u need to pay for online gaming for both. Any difference will be miniscule.

    It comes down to games and features. Ps4 seems to have better exclusives. The two best Xbox one exclusives (dead rising and titanfall) are only timed and titanfall is on PC. So ps4 will have more real exclusives since Sony owns more studios.

    Features, both will have near identical entertainment features. Movies, music, exclusive TV shows... but Xbox one does have kinect but motion control gimmicks don't interest me.

    Ps4 is more powerful and is $100 less. U have 360 so I assume u like halo, Xbox one will have halo.

    I suggest u wait until the end of August to make a definitive decision since two of the best Sony studios will make game announcements at Gamescom. Microsoft may do the same although their best owned studios have pretty revealed their best stuff.

  • Dylan
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    8 years ago

    I own a 360 and plan on getting Ps4.

    Lag? Most lag people get is their own ISP, not anything to do with the servers. Player hosted servers in some games is the player's fault.

    PS4 is more gamer oriented and 100 dollar cheaper, while xbox one is more of an "everything entertainment in 1" kind of deal.

    Both should be good buys, but I can't justify 100 bucks more for Xbox 1 since I don't need all that extra stuff.

  • 7 years ago

    PS4 it's an amazing piece of kit and after a simple set up and super quick update it was ready to use! Games load really quickly and omg the graphics totally blew me away in Killzone! I thought the graphics were good on my Xbox 360 and my PS3's but this machine makes them look weedy! My friends are so jealous after seeing it in action and they're all buying one now too! I won't hesitate recommending to anyone! Buy it, you won't regret it!

  • 8 years ago

    None of the two are out yet so we can't say much lol. I personally would rather get a PS4 though.

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