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rj7237 asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 8 years ago

Was there any monarch who ruled for fewer days than John I of France?

John I, the posthumous son of Louis X, was King of France. When his mother, Clementia of Hungary gave birth to him. He reigned from November 15 - 20 1316. His uncle Philip,Count of Poitiers, who acted as regent before his birth and during his short reign succeeded him as Philip V, who passed over John's half-sister,Joan, Queen of Navarre. John I had two uncles, both of whom were also kings of France, Philip V, as mentioned earlier and Charles IV. He also had a aunt, Queen Isabella of England married to Edward II, who she deposed, until her son Edward III won control of his kingdom from his mother.Edward III was the closest male though because of Salic Law he was disinherited from the Kingdom of France because he couldn't get a claim through his mom.Philip V was Isabella's cousin. Anyway, I was if there was any monarch who rule for a shorter time than King John I.


Oppss! Philip the Sixth was Isabella's cousin,not Philip V. I got a little confused.

If wikipedia is to be trusted,I found quite a few. King Luis II of Portugal and King Louis XIX of France have the shortest reigns both listed as twenty minutes. Louis XIX abdicated in favor of Henry V,who barely beats John the first's reign, ruling one week , very shortly after his father abdicated in favor Louis XIX during the July Revolution.Though Henry V was rejected by the General Assembly,so his Kingship is questionable. Luis II was fatally wounded by assassins, who killed his father and he .

Emperor Modi was crowned while being attacked by Mongols, he died after the coronation.his auspicious rule lasted 12 hours.

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    King Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal less than 56 hours. He died of self inflicted wounds.

  • 8 years ago

    As you say in your additional details, Louis XIX had a brief reign of 20 minutes during the July Revolution following the abdication of his father before his own abdication. His successor Henry V lasted a week.

  • Lomax
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    8 years ago

    Not as far as I know - Lady Jane Grey comes close at nine days, but there is still a difference of opinion of whether she was legitimate.

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