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Fantasy Football Trade Help?

I can accept either one of these trades:

Trade 1: I give Peyton Manning, Trent Richardson, and Mike Wallace for Drew Brees and A.J. Green

Trade 2: I give Demarco Murray and Mike Wallace for Maurice Jones-Drew

This is my team:

What do you think of my team? 8 Team Standard Scoring

QB: Peyton Manning

RB:Trent Richardson

RB:Arian Foster

WR:Marques Colston

WR:Wes Welker

WR:Hakeem Nicks

TE:Dennis Pitta

WR/RB/TE:Demarco Murray

K:David Akers



Eli Manning

Josh Gordon

Chris Ivory

Mike Wallace

Jonathan Franklin

Denarius Moore

Martellus Bennett

Please help. Thanks

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    Rating your team:

    QB- He is a top 5 fantasy Quarter Back and he only got a lot better with adding Wes Welker

    RB- HOLY MOLLY!!!! How on earth were you blessed with Trent Richardson AND Arian Foster!!!!! Trent is going to be Top 5 this year and Foster is always top 5. Trent's coaches say he could easily get 300 carries this season which is a fantasy owners dream in a RB. Lets just hope Foster stays healthy.

    WR- Colston is a consistent guy so that's nice, Wes is unbelievably underrated this year, I mean he went from Tom Brady's #1 to Peyton Manning he will still have a very productive year! Nicks is a solid starter just not of the line but almost all teams would be happy to have him on there team.

    TE- only a few top TE an he isn't one of them in my book but he is above average.

    Flex- Murray is not one of my favorite guys. He is overrated from one year of really good play. But he will get the job done at a flex position if he can stay healthy.

    K- a kicker is a kicker in my book not a huge deal.

    Def- interesting choice, I think they will be good but won't be great. They just lost at too many players and leaders on that side of the ball. That being said they still have Suggs and new addition Elvis Dummerville.


    Strong bench for the most part. Really like Ivory and Wallace. I am a huge fan of Chris Ivory and i hate the Jets but Ivory has a very unique play style and if he doesn't get hurt I think he will be a top fantasy performer! Wallace is a solid back up. Eli manning would start on a lot of teams but you got him on the bench so that's nice. Denarius Moore I like too just because he is a solid talent but has never had a QB that could really connect with him but he still is the teams #1 option so that's good for a bench WR.


    Trade 1- this one is a big NO!!! You stay about the same at QB maybe a little improvement for fantasy, but then you get a weaker Running back especially for how the team wants to use Trent this year, I would never give him up. And then Wallace for AJ green looks nice and it would be. I just think that giving up Trent Richardson is to much for this season.

    Trade 2- looks much more doable and much more appealing to me. You improve your player from Murray to MJD by far in my book! And then you give up a bench WR that you could replace through another trade or by picking up a player that unexpectedly goes off.

    I would improve your team through trade 2.

    Team is insane man!

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    Those are tough questions!

    If you make the first trade, You're losing your RB2, but you're gaining immense talent at QB and WR. I'm not so sure Murray can fulfill that RB2 slot for long because he IS going to get hurt. And not to mention Ivory is a bit injury prone himself. THAT would leave you with Jonathan Franklin at RB2 - yuck in an 8 team league. Obviously, a lot of things would have to go wrong for that to happen, but you get the point.

    This is what I suggest without seeing his squad:

    Offer him Manning, Richardson, and Nicks for Brees, his RB2 (if he was taken AFTER Richardson) and AJ Green. If he accepts that, you should be smooth sailing!

    I wouldnt make trade #2. Too many question marks with MJD.

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    Your back up running backs are good enough to do that trade. If yoi had a stronger fourth back I'd say do it. But you don't.

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