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Paula Dean made racist comments 30 years ago and now is an outcast. Obama made racist comments about whites?

last week and he is still loved. How can that happen?

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    Because it is impossible for an african-american to be racist in any way shape or form.

    I have never heard of a backlash against any one making disparaging comments about white people. Including comments made by Jesse Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama.

  • Brian
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    7 years ago

    There wouldn't be hate without love. Both need each other to be compared to in order to exist.

    If you look at the votes of the recent election, you'll see it was almost a 50/50 between Obama and Romney.

    People have the image of Obama as some kind of "savior" who'll lead their country to a whole new place. The failures of the past president influenced indirectly how people thought of Obama. He irrades of the leadership some crave and spread the image that no matter who you are, if you have strength, you'll succeed. Being an afro-american president can make you show up on some people's (enemies) list.

    It could've been a subliminal message caught only by a few, and thus did not have a really big impact. Besides, the changes he brought to the US worked out for the better and he must've won more people's hearts.

    Furthermore, there will always be haters who'll look under the microscope when it comes to Obama's words. They will always try to find some way to benigrate him, no matter what he does. This is due to stupidity of the people who still thinks, in 2013, that some races are superior to others.

    Race shouldn't play a role when it comes to whom you'll vote for. It's sad to see racism still present in our modern world.

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    No, Paula Dean made some nasty public comments about her brother's wedding in *2005* - furthermore she and her brother (who manages one of her restaurants) are being sued for a variety of discriminatory actions. Its not about a comment '30 years ago'.

    What exactly did Obama say that hurt your feelings? That black men were often discriminated against? Poor you! However will you survive!!!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Contradiction and stupidity over Americans working at its finest. They probably had forgotten who Paula Dean is.

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