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I always wonder what makes Alabama so dominant over every other big tim college program like texas, ohio state?

Or notre dame. Because it's seems like those schools be having the top recruits just like Alabama but when they face Alabama they get trampled. Is it the dominant o-line, defense, or running game that make Alabama so good? Il listen in..

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Alabama gets about 10 times more top recruits coming to them than any other college team, even top teams like OSU, Notre Dame, Texas, Florida, Michigan, Stanford and USC. If you were a top recruit, wouldn't you want to go to the team that had won several championships in a row and that had the top name head coach?

    I'd also heard with some of these teams like that, that the class schedule plays a part. I'd read that some of these top recruiting teams set up special classes that are nearly impossible to fail or even get lower than a B without seriously trying to flunk them.

    I'm not sure if that is the case with Alabama or not.

    The other thing is that Alabama has incredible weight training coaches. I've seen them on video and they are intense.

    To me, I think there is one team out there that really could compete against Alabama to unseat Alabama. Urban Meyer is with Ohio State now. And working with a class that wasn't really even top recruits and was hampered by NCAA penalties, Meyer pulled off a perfect season in his very first year. Ohio State has probably the largest college campus in the US with about 60,000 students. It also brings in a HUGE amount of alumni donations every year. And we all know how well Meyer did at Florida. Meyer is now working for a university that is a lot bigger, has a lot more money, and has a lot more political pull than Florida. The best shot at unseating Alabama is Ohio State.

    Another up and coming university is Penn State. I really like Penn State's head coach if they can hang onto him. Their head coach is very talented and the NFL has already tried on a couple of occasions to make him an NFL head coach. However if he stays with Penn State, he could be there for a long long time with a great winning tradition.

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    8 years ago

    A little bit of everything. Great defense mixed with a very good running game and solid O-line and QB. It helps when you have a prestige program like Alabama that has won a lot in recent years. People wanna play for you because they wanna win and get drafted highly so they can get a good contract. Right now Alabama is at the top of the football world but eventually they will start to decline. It happens with every great superpower.

  • 8 years ago

    Bowl success leads to getting top recruits.

    And Alabama is the top dog at the moment but college dynasties fad fast (see Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, Miami, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Florida State).

  • 8 years ago

    It goes in cycles like that. USC had that same type of run just a couple of years ago under Carroll, where they were more dominant at pretty much every position on the field for the better part of a decade. But much like USC, the Alabama players when making it to the NFL aren't setting the world on fire. It's almost as if by having a ton of NFL style coaching in college that they are ahead of the curve in college, but once they hit the NFL, their talent level has already peaked.

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  • FIFA
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    8 years ago

    Alabama hasnt played ohio state since 1994,,, Not sure if they're really dominant over them.

    They played Texas once in 30 years. A game texas had its backup QB who left the program because he couldnt beat out Case Mccoy and David Ash. Not sure that constitutes dominant

    Then the past few years theyve played middle of the pack BIG teams, who I guess they are dominant over like they are dominant over middle of the pack sec teams

  • 8 years ago

    Every Dynasty has ended. Don't think Bama is invincible( see 90s Huskers, 80s Miami, 30s Minnesota, 40s Oklahoma)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    Coaching, players, recruiting, facilities, fans.. You name it, Bama has it.... Roll Tide!!!!!

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  • 8 years ago

    They play in the SEC, so they've already faced tougher competition.

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