Why do schools don't teach the truth about Islam?

Teachers and textbooks usually try to be fair and that all religions are equal. But why are they hiding the negative things about Islam that must be known. Such as Muhammad pedophile. Or that Muslim people try to conquer the world. And that women in the middle east cant divorce. My AP history textbook said women can divorce in the middle east ( yeah right ). Why do they hide things from students?

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    7 years ago
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    You're in high school, and you think you've had it all figured out? There is nothing more annoying than pretentious brats who think they know everything.

    1) Marrying 'minors' was a norm in the time of Muhammad. In the Bible, Mary is married to Joseph who is 90 years old and she is a 'minor.' In that society, it was completely acceptable, and such was the case in rural areas. You are imposing completely anachronistic (look this word up, kid) concepts on a completely different context, culture, and time period.

    2) Just like any civilization seeks to spread their influence.

    3) Women *can* divorce in the Middle East. You're just stupid. The ME isn't a country and it isn't monolith. Even the language dialects are completely different from each other. So is culture and laws. I've been to the Middle East and have met divorced women who initiated divorce.

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    I got taught about Islam in RE, including the bit where the two sexes are described thus; "Allah has created one of them to excel the other".

    World conquest is considered a national obsession rather than a religious one and nobody wants to tar all Muslims with the same brush. There are bound to be a few Muslim students at school and teachers don't want to socially ostracise them.

    Though same applies to Christians; it would be thought way out of order for a teacher to say that Paul was a misogynist douchebag, even though it's true.

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    they said Muhammad pedophile because he married Girl 9 years old ?? but if Muhammad Really like little girls why he married only one young while the rest of his wives older ??? Do you know why Muhammad married 9 years old ?? HERE why he did that : http://islamgreatreligion.wordpress.com/2011/04/11... , + you say women can't divorce ?? yes they can I'm from middle east btw ( From Jordan exactly ) , Learn very well


    Can i ask you something why you hear people saying Muhammad pedophile and you don't hear Islam opinion about it ??? be Fair you should hear the story from both side !! if you Really want the truth

  • 7 years ago

    No class I took talked about the beliefs and practices of even Christianity. Religions were talked about only is historical and socio-political contexts.

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  • 7 years ago

    Because Religion shouldn't be relevant at all in textbooks.

  • You really should stop lying, that's all you Christians seem to do

  • 7 years ago

    Actually the text books are right, and you are wrong! Please see my web site: www.controversialislam.wordpress.com which answers all of these misconceptions.




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    what the hell is your problem man?

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