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Do skinny women have better bodies?

If so, why?

Are men intimidated by curvy women?


Black men may like curves.

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    Curves proportioned well are the most popular female body types to men and have been consistently since at least the 1950s. Playboy magazine has featured ample bosoms and derriers since 1953, when they debuted with Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

    What men don't like are morbidly obese women. We will choose a stick over an exploded pear or apple anyday. At least the skinny broad can't help it. The fat chick can diet and exercise to fix her problems.

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    What to you mean by "better"?

    No. Men are not intimidated by curvy women.

    Yes, many black men like curves (as do lots of other men). Some like skinny women, too.

    Source(s): common sense (duh!)
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    Chubby women are sexier in my opinion. Have bigger breasts, rounder butts, more accented hips. It basically augments everything feminine about them.

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    No, I like CURVES

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