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What do you disagree with your political party about?

I'm sure we don't go down the line on everything the same way our party leans. But we have to prioritize what we think is important to us and the country. And how do you usually vote?

I usually vote Republican, because I think the economy, immigration and entitlements are the important issues with long impact.

I disagree with the stances on Gun Rights and Abortion, and these issues I feel are more talking points that are decided by the supreme court rather than politicians anyway. It's just speak.


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    I am a Democrat. I agree with the majority of the Party on most issues. There are individual Democrats I disagree with. I support gun control, but own several guns and enjoy hunting. I am opposed to any move to outlaw guns or to confiscate guns that are legally owned.

    I think Obama's original comments on the Trayvon Martin shooting were ill considered. I recognize what he was trying to say, but because of his office anything he says will be much more scrutinized.

    He ended up politicizing the situation needlessly. He's not the first. In 1970, Nixon made an offhand comment during Charles Manson's trial which almost resulted in a mistrial.

    OTH, I agree with George Zimmerman's brother that Obama's recent discussion on racial problems was timely and much needed.

    As far as pundits go, I dislike many of them, and that dislike is bipartisan. I dislike Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews as much as I do Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. They are nothing more than professional propagandists.

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    I am an Independent, so I don't have a party.

    But I've been thinking about becoming a Libertarian, and I disagree with their "shut down things like the IRS and the FBI" stance.

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    I generally vote liberal. I think demand side economics is a more stable and reliable economy, I think our nation was made of immigrants and to turn them away no is to forget our heritage. I think education is vital to our future, and that misinformation has to be kept out of the classroom. I think Religion should be kept private and out of our laws.

    I disagree with the democratic party on Drug Crime, Foreign Aid, and Privacy

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    I used to be a 100% committed democrat, but the Zimmerman case and Obamacare turned me into an independent. So, since that's not really a party...

    I'm pro-gay, pro-gun rights, pro-choice and against PPACA. I'm for universal health care, but I'm against forcing people to buy it.

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  • Marcus
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    Well I disagree with both parties. I vote Green. The one thing I don't necessarily like about the Green Party is its focus on idealism and how there is little room for compromise.

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    I am an Independent because I don't want to be affiliated with a political party.

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    I am a Dem

    I disagree with their stance on being too nice to Republicans

    I hope this was of use

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