how to play mcdonald monopoly?

I've never played but I wanted to give it a shot.

Online, ( )

It says if I get all 3 pieces (st charles, states ave, and virgina ave) I win 10,000.. well I have all 3 pieces so does that mean I for sure win?

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    Do you really have all 3? I am kinda doubting you do. There are only about 5 of the one of them needed to win the prize, 5 in the world. But by the odd chance you MIGHT have them follow this...


    Q: How do I claim an In-Store Prize (other than a Food Prize)?

    A: If you think you won a prize other than a Food Prize, do not give or show your Game Stamp to a McDonald's restaurant employee. Go to the URL (web address) listed on the Game Stamp or call the number on the Game Stamp and follow the redemption instructions. *Please note: If you are a Minor, your parent or legal guardian must claim prize on your behalf.


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