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Jacques asked in SportsBasketball · 7 years ago

Allen Iverson & LeBron James ?

what if Iverson & LeBron was on the same teams in their prime

Do you think it would be a good fit/team and why and how many championships would they win and what would they averages be Pts Ast. Reb. Stls. Blk. and would they be better than wade and lebron i honestly think they would cause iverson is a better player, slasher(cause he get to the rack easier than wade), and finisher than wade

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  • 7 years ago
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    Let me stop you right there. No Iverson is not a better player than Wade. Just because Iverson cross overs and slashing looks good it doesnt make him a better player. Another thing is, Wade plays Defense. As far as playing D, Iverson doesnt have one. The worst part is he doesnt try because he believes that he can take the offense by himself and all his team mates will need to play D for him. Thats the reason why Eric Snow, Aaron McKie, and Jumaine Jones were out of sync because Iverson tend to juice up all the time in the 24 second shot clock. Beside the fact that Wade is a champion, I think its because he is passionate on what he do. He is passionate when it comes to playing basketball. Meanwhile, you have a guy that complains in every single aspect of the game and have the nerve to complain about his team mates that won awards on the same year with him. Mutombo won Defensive Player of The Year, All Defensive First Team, and Aaron McKie got the 6th Man award. Even Larry Brown won the coach of the year. He complains then he demands that if they dont re-hire Brown as a coach he will leave the team. Why would you threat the organization when you havent even provide any Banners in that city?

    I would say LeBron will be frustrated to Iverson. Because James style of play is to get everbody involve and every second of that shot clock counts. If you let Iverson play with LeBron you are taking out James' primary weapon. And that is what? PASSING. You are not going to have a passing team if Iverson is on your team. What would you have is Professional And 1. The only thing that is missing is MC calling Iveson the "Professa" while doing he's flashy crossovers.

    Bottom line is James is better off with Wade that compliments his game and his leadership.

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  • 7 years ago

    I mean no AI is way out of his prime at this time and age Lebron would overshadow him at best Ai would average anywhere from 10 to 15 . But at the time of Ai's prime Lebron was still up and coming they are two different eras sorry.

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  • 7 years ago

    They'd win multiple titles

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