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What should I study? What career has a future? I'm 15 and I'm worried, help!?

Entering 10th grade and I'mm starting to get interested in what I'm going to study once I finish high school. One thing I have noticed is that I'm great at expressing myself, at anything that has to do with art, literature, music, etc. Mainly because I'm very deep with my emotions and I'm always trying to encourage people to open their hearts and let themselves go. I'm the type of person that when I read a book, I feel deep in me everything the protagonist is experiencing. It also happens to me with songs, you know your typical love song that has lyrics that describes the way you feel, the way you hurt or feel the butterflies in you. I'm great at drawing, at painting, at writing. I also sing so a couple years back I thought I'd be a singer and write my one lyrics and see people cry when they listened to that song. I don't know, it feels like I have so many colors inside of my head, and I have so many ideas and moments that make me want to be a writer. But something that I also love are cultures, I'm Mexican and I lived 9 years in Tennessee, USA. So I perfectly know spanish and english. I studied Japanese so I'm tri-langual. I'm planning on studying italian, portuguese, french, german, etc. I like different cultures I love learning their history and traditions. I don't know what to think! I wish you could help me decide, the pros and cons.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It seems like you and I have a lot in common.

    I am usually involved in the expressive field of interests, mainly because I hate to be a dependent individual, even though I enjoy listening to ideas of others.

    Computer-Art was really the only way to go; traditional art or studio art doesn't offer many opportunities (Though you can always specialize in Computer art and keep studio art on the side). There's also so many things ranging in that area, and who wouldn't want a job you will like? :)

    Indie game maker actually includes all fields listed above in your criteria.

    (Indie games are private made games)

    1) Music- Indie games ALWAYS need music

    2) Writing- Dialogue and narrative

    3) Drawing- Well, this is an obvious one

    4) Culture- Games often have historical reference in them, example being Assassin's Creed. History is a great reference for games, because it gives the player a sense of relation and assimilation.

    5) Language- For gaming, French and especially Japanese/Korean is the way to go. French is important for art, while Japan and Korea have amazing appetites and support for games.

    If you consider this path of career, I recommend:

    1) PROGRAMMING (even if you are going into the gaming industry for art, it is better to study this subject if possible)

    2) and keep the rest as major hobbies :) (art, music, studies, etc...)


    - It's a fun job

    - There are millions of possibilities, because game isn't subjected to just one genre

    - You can apply so many abilities into a game

    - Workplace is usually casual

    - Anywhere, everywhere, you can start Indie gaming development.

    - There are many different kind of Jobs in the gaming Environment


    - It may be a competitive position to work for (That's why keep your abilities to a maximum, this is few of the places where quantity over quality)

    - You still need to keep your grades up, because art/game colleges are expensive but scholarship friendly universities are not.

    - You might need to move to certain places if you plan to work for a company instead of being and Indie game developer.

    *Oh and if you want to attend an art college, PLEASE keep a small sketchbook and draw in them. Fill up multiples of sketchbooks, but DO NOT spend hours filling up one page. The evaluation people only look at portfolios for a few seconds, so it is better to keep fast and creative sketches. Again, quantity over quality.

    always ask for scholarships, but I should mention colleges like Art Institute (art) and Full Sail University (game) barely looks at your academic scores.

    Sorry for the long explanation, I got a bit carried away ^^;

    I mostly focused on Art and gaming sections, because music majors is more of my brother's thing

    Source(s): experience
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Maybe you should try volunteering. Maybe at a hospital. volunteering at different places will let you know if you like volunteering at the place, then maybe that should be your future. for example, if you volunteer at a hospital and you love to help people, and your enjoying your experience, maybe that's the direction you'd like to go to, and build a career in that field. It can also be beneficial because It will look good in your transcripts and especially when applying to college.

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