How to tell what's good French wine?

I love wine. A coworker, who retired from a winery, told me when buying Italian wine it's best to purchase bottles with the DOCG "Denominazione di origine controllata" label attached. Truly, I have enjoyed all the wine I've drank which came from those bottles. I just left a Wine Tasting Room where I sampled wine that I thought was lousy -- and way overpriced. Over the years, I've had a few bottles of French wine which I enjoyed, and I'm wondering if there is a type of labeling system which designates good French wine like the Italian DOCG indicator? If not, how best can I ensure I'm buying good quality French wine?

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  • 7 years ago
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    What kind of wine do you like?

    I'm French, I've lived in SF and I really enjoyed Californian wines.

    Anyway, from my experience:

    Red wines: Bordeaux, pinot noir are good

    Rosé: The lighter the better, and sweet rosés are an insult to the wine! ;) Go with Bandol and Côtes de Provence. if you find them.

    White Wine: Muscadet is good and not too expensive (here at least).

    We do not have these kind of labels here in France but those are good wines that are not supposed to cost you a fortune.

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  • Kate
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    7 years ago

    look for wines with the "Appellation Control" wording on them. Pardon my spelling. it also really depends on your personal taste. I drink mostly Australian wines, many of which are superior to french ones unless you want the really old and expensive ones. Always gets advice from the Wine vendor or go to some wine appreciation classes so you know what to look for when tasting.

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