Cruise or Trip to Hawaii?

So, next year for a senior trip me and my friends wanted to go to Hawaii but one of my friends thinks a Cruise would be more fun and cheaper, and he's probably right about the cheaper part but I'm not sure if being stuck on a boat and then only having a limited time to look around at the stops would be more fun , but I've never done either of them so I don't know which would be more fun? Any suggestions?

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    8 years ago
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    I've done both trips to Hawaii and cruises and I doubt that the cruise will be cheaper. For most cruises you will still need to fly to and from Hawaii, or there are a few that would require a one-way plane ticket back to the mainland.. Then you will pay at least $100 per person per day for your cabin (which includes meals but you pay extra for most beverages). Don't forget to add in tips and any shore excursions. The cruises that originate on the mainland are long, expensive and you have 3 or 4 days of just crossing the ocean each way instead of seeing the sights of Hawaii.

    You don't give your age, but you mention it is a "senior trip". If this is a high school senior trip, most cruise ship lines require someone at least 21 years old in each cabin and some require someone at least 24. Here is where you can get information about all of the cruise ships that go to Hawaii where you can compare cost and age requirements:

    I think you would get a better deal by renting a resort condo or vacation rental: and splitting the cost - vacation rentals don't usually charge much (if any) extra for additional people so for example, if someplace costs $200 per night and you split it 4 ways it would only be $50 per person per night. It may also be difficult to rent a room or vacation rental if you are all only 18 or 19, so unless you have an older friend who is willing to come along maybe a hostel would be a better option:

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    I hope you're talking about a "senior trip" after college. Otherwise, you probably can't do it, due to your age.

    Your friend is exactly right about cruising in Hawaii, although if you want to get to see several locations in one trip, that's a good way to do it. Problem is, the main cruise line for Hawaii is NCL's Pride, which has terrible service [which may not matter to you], since the staff is all US citizens. Some of the other cruise lines offer cruises that go to/from the mainland and around locations in Hawaii, but those will be 14-day trips and involve a lot of sea days.

    Normally, I would recommend cruising as a great vacation. It's very easy and relaxing, unless you have a cruise-intensive itinerary. But having been on lots of cruises and been to Hawaii for land vacations, I would recommend a land-based vacation, preferably in a condo [again, age would be a factor]. That limits you to one location [unless you're going for more than one week], since going from one island to another requires a plane ride [at about $100 each one-way].

    Your library has books on visiting Hawaii and on cruising. And, there's lots of info available on the Internet. is a good place to start.

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    ive been on 4 cruises so far and can't wait till my next one. All in all they are cheaper because everything is included food , shows room etc. but this is one thing to consider all alcohol isnt , neither is soda so if you drink alot of soda buy a soda card. Also alcohol is very expensive. there is so much to do u never get bored. Hawaii is very expensive and nothing is included. also very simple if u r a total partyer then choose Carnival ships, if not then choose royal caribbean or norwegian . And dont go on an excursion and miss the ship , they won't wait for u. also when u show up at the dock make it around 11.00 am not earlier, they won't let u board earlier. and also they wont let u board without the right documents either. but we always had a blast on all of our cruises. have fun

    Source(s): ive been on 4 cruises , but also tripadvisor and cruisecritic are good way in advance to save money, also almost all are no smoking so if you smoke get a balcony
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    I have been on two cruises and I say everyone should go on at least one cruise. There is lots to do on board ship and everything (except booze) is provided. Having said that, the next trip I make will be to fly to Aruba and spend a week at a resort.

    Source(s): Experience
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    Hawaii... there is only so much to do on a cruise.

    Stay out of tourist trap parts of hawaii (Oahu, Maui)

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