What engineering companies are currently hiring? Entry level. Recent graduate.?

I will graduate in mechanical engineering at the end of the year. I am searched and applied for relevant jobs with companies such as halliburton, boeing, bosch, bmw, shell, etc. What companies are currently hiring that I can search for next?


I am currently on my third co-op rotation. Looking to keep my options open.

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    With no internship or co-op experience, your best bet is to hit craigslist for low pay or no pay internships, co-ops, and contract positions.

    Craigslist has an architecture and engineering section for jobs. These little known companies are more likely to hire new grads than well known large companies.

    Next is Monster.com or careerbuilder.com. These two websites helped me the most in getting jobs and interviews out of college with no experience. However, 99% of the jobs will be temporary contract positions with no benefits or paid days off. Still, accept whatever experience you can get. You WILL move up fast once you get that first job. Sometimes it takes a few years of switching between contract jobs before you get your break and are hired by a well known company that pays well.

    Well known and large companies have a strict and long hiring process. They are more likely to hire engineers to have interned/co-oped/contracted with them before. They are also more likely to hire someone with experience in the same industry.

    For example, someone with years working at Ford will likely be turned down for a job in the food industry or aerospace industry. Once you get yourself into a specific industry, it is not easy to get out into a new industry.

    If you only want to try well known companies, then here are more you can try:



    ABB Inc.

    Westinghouse Electric

    Crown Cork and Seal






    The other 40+ car manufacturers

    Hitachi Metals USA

    Arcelor Mittal




    Comcast or Dish Network or Verizon(yes they hire mech engineers too)

    Home Depot or Walmart or similar stores Corporate or Warehouse section of careers page




    Google or Microsoft or Apple or Sony or Toshiba or Panasonic or Enegerizer or Samsung or Lenovo or Nintendo, etc.

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