what is a good computer repair kit?

looking for a computer repair kit, or at least some basic tools to open computers, laptops, ipods, iphones, and any other phones. Not sure on what to buy cause I'm not sure what are good brands or what exactly is needed. For computers All i needed was a phillips screw driver. What to get for laptops and everything else? Also, are Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) tools expensive? Any advice on what to buy so I don't waste money is appriciated. Thanks

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  • Jack
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    7 years ago
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    Most laptops use pretty much the same tools that desktops do: phillips screwdrivers, occasionally a torx screwdriver, etc.

    Apple products typically use special screws (specifically because they don't like non-Apple technicians opening up the devices) so you have to buy a special screwdriver set for them. Officially apple only gives those screw drivers to actual apple technicians, but in reality there's plenty of third party companies that make screwdrivers that'll work.

    The only ESD tool that you really need is a wriststrap, and that only costs about $3.

    Brand name isn't really important for tools in my opinion - i just buy whichever kit happens to be cheapest.

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