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illness stories??????????????

i just kinda wanna hear your stories about this stuff. i'm super bored and i can't sleep! i've had leukemia 4 times, age 2 months to 3 years; 6 years to 8 years; 11 years to 13 years; and just recently from april to july. this time around it was growing really slow and it wasn't that bad, caught super early. so i was able to work and stuff. when i was a baby i also had my pancreas, gallbladder, spleen, bile duct and duodenum removed because it was all dead and infected and was making me sicker with them than without. i have heaps of medications (obviously) so i've always needed a portacath and gj tube, i also have an insulin pump and cgm. you get used to all the tubes hanging out of your chest. life's good though!

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    I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I have the most severe form of it. Living this way has completely destroyed a major part of myself and my life. It has taken away the most precious things that I once had. It makes you fear people. I am not only afraid of people and social situations, but I don't feel comfortable around my family either. My mother is the only person I can talk to. Even then, I have to hold a cushion up to my face so she doesn't see me. My confidence, self esteem, and self worth has gone. I can't show affection to people. I am not able to physically or emotionally feel love and care. I don't trust those things from humans. It is a huge ordeal to step outside. Fear and negative thoughts nearly always stop you from doing things such as this, and from making improvements. You constantly think you're being judged and laughed at as soon as you step foot outside your door. It can also be heartbreaking. The terrible thing about having this mental illness is that it makes you hate everyone. It distances yourself with people, including your own family. You just can't control it. It controls you! It feels as though you're fighting with two very different parts of yourself. It has made me develop extreme anger and hatred towards the entire human race and myself. It has made me grow cold. Others simply don't understand. So much negativity comes from this. It overshadows the positivity and it only lets you see the wrong things. It's so hard to live with. I sometimes believe that I would be better off dead than alive.

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    Get some camotherapy ever hour in ever days,weeks,months,year,decades

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    insomnia i walk like a zombie and it looks like i took a wiff of herion

    not a story sorry:(

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