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? asked in Business & FinanceSmall Business · 8 years ago

Good business to start with an Environmental or Chemical Engineering degree?

I want to go to college and major in either Environmental or Chemical Engineering, and then start a business. What are some good business to start with these degrees? I was thinking either biofuel or bottled water or a hat company using recycled products.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    There's a lot of good businesses with such a degree -- it all depends on the following factors:

    - your capital

    - your interests

    The diversity of your interests already shows -- you cited a biofuel business which is vastly different from a hat business.

    When thinking of the business, you need to think of the demand.

    How many people are really wearing hats everyday, much less of recycled products? Maybe summer where people are more prone to wearing hats

    Bottled water and biofuels are great businesses, but they have huge capital investments

    What i am saying is that you can start any business you want. Even your degree is irrelevant if you find a business with huge potential and great income opportunity that is sooooo far away from the degrees you cited.

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