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I like my Bestfriend?

Ok so i like my best friend I've known her for a while before we actually became best friends i told her i liked her but she avoided it and said she wanted to be friends so we became friends started talking everyday i make her laugh and she makes me laugh a lot i tell her how important she is to me and it's been a while so i brung it up again i told her i really liked her and she just avoided it again said oh i been knew and brung up something else because i like her so much and want her to be happy i actually help her with relationship problems but she knows i like her and all she does is talk to me about this boy she likes or this girl she likes it really hurts me that she ignores it she calls me her bestfriend, brother and says she couldn't live without me....But why not be in a relationship? i don't want to mess everything up but i want to be with her i really do i am inlove with this girl and it's been nearly a year how can i get a chance with her the love of my life!


Also i'm 16 and she is too

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    I think she likes you back. you know, we girls always say things like "help me with my crush" to the guy we truly like. I don't know why but that's girls' nature. Maybe we just want you guys to react and say "are you numb?! i like you!" haha.. Sometimes girls can be so romantic. We always like things like Romeo and Juliet, Jack and Rose ... those kind of stuffs...

    I think she likes you too but she's too afraid to commit, thinking that you might just end up broken and your friendship would just be wasted. Sometimes, when we like a movie or novel so much, we'd rather not watch/read the last part than end the watching/reading completely. Same with friends. Sometimes, no matter how we like someone, we'd rather stay friends forever than be lovers for some time. It's sad but there really are people like that. "It's better to build two houses and be good neighbors, than build one and be enemies forever."

    on the other hand, i so pity you being friend-zoned. I don't know what you should do, but why not talk to her. Say that you really like her and you like to be more than friends and of course you have to be sincere. Tell her that if you're not gonna be more than friends then she has to let you go to find someone else. Tell her that you don't want to be friend-zoned. Of course, you have to mean it. This is a hit-it-or-miss-it thing and sadly, it's the only way you can get out of the friend zone without having to fight seriously over something in the future. I discourage sex, because I think your friend is decent and she might just hate you forever. Take it the lighter way.

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    i have pity for you friend zone

    get her drunk

    have sex

    act like you were drunk to

    wait a few years

    now your out of the FZ

    you should know what to do from there

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    I feel like she is affair that if you guys went out and it doesn't work out your friendship will be destroy or maybe she doesn't feel the same was as you do for her

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