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Why survivors pee in a cup and drink it for surving?

I saw this tv show were these survivors have to find a way to survive the forest and I don't know what the show is called tho.

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  • The human kidneys are designed to filter out waste, such as water and unnecessary nutrients and sugars in the blood stream. This is why the kidneys are connected to your largest artery in your body (The Aorta). Therefore when you are dropped into a forest your body does not know that in a few hours it will be doing every last thing to keep it's self alive, so it will function normally. Excreting waste at a normal rate. Although when you are very dehydrated your body will still be excreting some urine, very dark because the toxins/unnecessary nutrients are very concentrated in the little amount of water your body has left to excrete. So if you are extremely dehydrated and dying it is a wise choice to drink your urine it will give you some water and some nutrients. Although if you keep drinking it over and over again it will just get dirtier and dirtier, eventually becoming 100% toxic to the body.

    Source(s): Ha I'm a 15 year old who has been studying human anatomy/medicine/trauma/neuroscience/anything to do with the human body. I got this straight from my head.
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    You're reabsorbing the moisture that had been released due to urinating, but each time you do it, it's less beneficial since you lose the moisture each time you re-drink it. I'm guessing you watched, "I Shouldn't Be Alive?" XD

  • Well your pee is also very nutritious for you. They have proteins and etc. But sometimes it can be dangerous depending on what you ate or drank. it also contains 95% water.

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    Pee contains water which is vital to your survival

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