Should i date him??family relative issues?

So this guy is i dont know if you consider him a cousin or not but his mom is my dads cousin but shes from what i heared "i'm not yet sure" is adobted.

I dont know him never met him before not even in our childhood and we met at a friends house i'm sure that he likes me we exchanged numbers and he sent me a sexy picture of him last night and idk if hes hittin on something??

He doesnt know we relatives yet and i dont know if i should tell him i'm thinking about leting him find out by himself and i'll act like if i'm surprised??

But i'm not sure if its ok to date him

Can you tell me what to do??

Hes superrrrr hot and cute and so tall and i've always dreamed about him like always

I'm 19 and hes 21

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Go for it . He is not related and you both could use some fun

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