Boyfriend going to college while I'm a senior in high school...advice?

We started dating when he started his senior year and have been dating now for almost 10 months. I always hear and see things about how high school relationships don't last even a month into college and it gets me so worried. I love him so much I would be heartbroken if that happened. He tells me not to worry because he loves me and he isn't going to let anything happen but i just cant shake this feeling. I trust him and I know he is being genuine when he says these things but I can't stop worrying. Anyone maybe in this situation have any advice for me?


He's only 20 min away so it's not the distance I'm worried about because I'm sure we'll see each other plenty but it's just such a big change.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just trust him if he says he will not let anything happen. Allow him to introduce you to his new college friends and don't be shy of going to events at the uni with him. It's more of a transition for you both since you are in this together! Be confident in each other and don't worry about the naysayers who have had bad experiences. Make your experience with your boyfriend a good one. Then you can both be together in college the next year! Best of wishes hon.

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