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Would you rather be...?

handsome or pretty, organized, smart and well put get a better then average lifestyle, a lavish luxurious lifestyle, high income, people notice how handsome or pretty, smart and well put together you are, you are very healthy physically, you exercise and have no major disease, your never in any drama, and your financial life is good, you got everything taken care of your house is nice, clean and big BUT YOUR REALLY DEPRESSED...and always thinking about ending your life...thinking but never attempt suicide and lonely with no social life and is single


look really ugly with no hope of looking good ever, have a social life, have a just get by lifestyle, an average or average low income/lifestyle, your financial life is near despair always in debt, your getting in trouble financially, your physical health is bad ,you never exercise and are close to getting diabetes, or some lack of exercise related disease, your always in the middle of drama and gossip your either the victim or the predator but blame is always on you, your house is always messy, dirty and quite small but your are mostly content with your life not feeling depressed nor extreme happiness, and feel happy sometimes... and are married with kids

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    Well I think the first one describes me

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you're really ugly with no hope of looking good ever, how are you married with kids?

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