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Am I not eating enough?

Okay so at the beginning of the summer I weighed 125, I'm 5'3 and 14, but recently I weighed myself and now I only weigh 100 pounds. Usually I only eat once a day because I forget to eat (it sounds weird I know) and when I get up black usually rings my vision, should I see a doctor about this or?

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    That happened to me last summer! The exact same thing! I wasn't eating because I just kept forgetting and .. the bed was to comfy to get up, but as soon as I did- walking down my hallway I fell over. And then my mom made me eat a sandwich. It helped greatly! You should have one too. But, I'm 100 pounds and the same height as you.. so maybe that's a good weight? Or maybe its different for boys.. if your feeling dizzy, maybe you are losing too much weight.

    Source(s): Lat year I was 14, personal experience.
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    Yup. Eat some more.

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