Crush problems! please help!?

So I'm 16 and I have a crush on a boy who is 2 yrs younger than me. He also happens to be my younger bro's BFF. About a year ago, he would always insist on sitting right next to me and he would ditch his guy friends to hang out and talk to me. He would stand super close and my friends observed that he got super nervous around me and was always having an erection. He even admitted to two of my friends that he liked me. I began to develop feelings for him and it was kind of like that for another half year. I liked him and my friends were all "he totally likes you" but I was too nervous to make a move. But then, when school started, I didn't see him too often anymore, and my brother told me that he has a girlfriend. I still like him, and I'm not gonna hit on him when he has a girlfriend, but his gf and my bro are all convinced that I am and they say that it is so weird to like someone 2 yrs younger and I should have no reason for liking him. Plz help I'm super confused & I feel awkward

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    It's not strange 2 years is nothing. Well it will be nothing when you get older in high school or whatever grade your in it kinda matters. I usually like older guys usually four to seven years older than me. The people that are telling you have no business liking him are younger than you and have pretty much no experience on dealing with dating or even liking someone a different age than you are at the time. All through high school I dated a guy who was 3 years older than me. We were young and dumb, very on and off. But in the end I couldn't control how I felt towards him, and you never have a choice of who you become attracted to.

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