What exactly does tylenol do?

So, I sprained my foot and it hurt really bad so I took tylenol and it doesn't hurt that bad anymore does the tylenol just numb the pain or is it healing it?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Its not a bad idea, however most think it is. Tylenol is non-addictive which is good because your child will not become dependent on it. Its hard for us to always tell what is wrong with a child especially when they cant talk. A lot of times children have a lot of aches and pains, like teething that we cant really do anything about and no real reason for it. Also a lot of infants are really scared of going to sleep because they dont want to be alone. They are fine for naps during the day and car rides because they know someone is there, but at night because of the dark they dont really have that reassurance. Infant Tylenol helps them to fall asleep without fighting it like they normally would. However, it is also a good idea if you dont give it to your child all the time, only when they are having troubles getting to sleep. Make sure there is nothing else you can do for them before giving it to them, make sure they arent running a fever, are well fed, diaper changed, also make sure they arent too hot or too cold; best way to take care of that is dress them in something light and put a blanket on them that way if they are too hot they can kick it off. But overall giving your child infant tylenol is not a bad thing nor is it bad for them.

  • 7 years ago

    Tylenol only relieves pain and reduces fevers, but will not 'heal' your foot... if you sprained your foot and it is swelling, and hurts, you should take ibuprofen if you can. ibuprofen reduces swelling, use it in conjunction with ice, and your foot should feel a lot better. But if your foot does not or you have a lot of bruising i would check with your doctor to just make sure that you don't have a fracture anywhere.

    Source(s): Pharmacy Technician.
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