Hi I'm a Link Crew Leader and I need some ideas on themes for the incoming freshman orientation. Any Ideas?

So here are examples one of my friends are doing bandanas in the past there was mardi gras, it's your birthday, superheroes, disney..... and so on. What would be a great theme I really want this to be a great and FUN experience they will never forget. I also need to provide the stuff for them (I have 11 freshmens) like if I did bandanas I would have to buy all of them bandanas. I also wanted a disney theme but it would be too expensive (if only i had more money ;( heheee). Its also suppose to be a surprise they won't know my theme, since I am suppose to dress them up. Different groups do different themes. What theme should I do? PLLLEEAASSSEEE HELP!!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    do a theme from a movie, like the avengers. have them dress up as different super heroes. you could try making different capes or buy masks

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