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Is being on a navy ship really turn out to what recruiters say? What is it really like?

my dad who worked in communications, a RM1 said the military can be a good or bad thing for someone and he told me not to join. the website makes it look nice but i know some other things may go on too. I've heard a few stories from my dad about stuff. My grandfather in the army told me not to join too. i've also heard that joining the military is like volunteering for jail.


my father and grandfather make the military seem so bad but i actually have something i want to do which is fly so part of me doesn't belive them

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    I guess it depends on each person's situation. When I served aboard a ship, I was an officer who was single and had no dependents. My sleeping quarters were relatively spacious and comfortable. The food was very good since officers pay extra for it. I was able to save a good portion of my salary because I had very little expenses. I enjoyed standing bridge watches and watches down in the Combat Information Center. My main job involved classified work that made it interesting. So I enjoyed my at sea experience.

    As an enlisted person aboard a ship, you will have more cramped sleeping quarters. Enlisted pay is not great, although the benefits are. In the checkout line at the commissary, I have seen low ranking married enlisted use food stamps. Besides performing your regular job for 8 hours each day, you will be required to stand 4 hour watches at least once a day, and perform cleaning functions each day. And although there is plenty of food to eat throughout the day, the food quality varies. When at sea for long periods, you might get served powdered food and artificial drinks.

    Although the time at sea and in port varies depending on the ship and operations, you can expect approximately two weeks at sea followed by two weeks in port on a rotating basis. We once did 55 days at sea before returning to port.

    When the ship is in port, liberty call generally occurs around 1700 (5pm). If you are not in the day's duty section, this allows you to leave the ship and head off base until 8am the next work day. If you are in the day's duty section, then you must remain on board the ship until liberty call the next day.

    You mentioned that you want to fly but you did not indicate if you want to be a pilot, naval flight officer (NFO), or aircrew. Pilot and NFO require you to become an officer. And both officers and enlisted can serve as part of the aircrew.


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    There are good stories and bad stories about military service. Some of them are just stories. People with bad experiences may be inclined to discourage you from joining. People with good experiences will tell you it is the greatest deal in the world. The reality is somewhere in between. Only you can make the decision to join based on what you want out of life.

    On the plus side: travel, camaraderie, education and educational benefits, feeling of accomplishment, advancement based on talent, free medical and dental.

    On the minus side: it can be dangerous, the hours are long and the work is often hard, you have to take orders without argument, the pay doesn't compare with the civilian sector, shipboard life is difficult -privacy is limited and accommodations are Spartan.

    I spent 29 years in the Navy. I went to boot camp, started out at the bottom, became an RMCM, served in an elite outfit, and retired as a high ranking officer. I had a great time but my experience was not typical. Talk to as many people as you can.

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    What part of what your Father and Grandfather say

    that you don't understand or TRUST Them...???

    Here is an example...

    If you have a Swimming pool use that...

    If not fill up the Bathtub...

    Drop a Wooden Match Stick into the water in the middle...

    That is what it is like to be out in the Middle of the Ocean...

    Even an Aircraft Carrier looks small out to sea...

    Make a few waves and see what happens...

    If you have a Bunk it is 6'L X 2.5'W X 3'H...

    No privacy...Same people in close quarters for Months at a time...

    Source(s): Retired Marine...VSO...
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    Just join the Army if you want it easy. Shipboard duty really does suck. It's for people who don't mind the sacrifice.

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    Being on a ship sux.

    Some jobs and some ratings make it suck less.

    Not all navy ratings are on a ship.

    You have to decide what you want to do.

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