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What makes him at so differnt?

There is this boy in my 11th grade classes that is very different in the sense that he doesn't know how sex works and doesn't know about drugs either. He is very self conscious and nervous, and to me he's like a five year old boy when it comes to social situations. Very simple in his words and he is well rounded in his manners. Me and my friends asked him to sit with us so he wouldn't feel out of place by himself. And whenever he gets called on to answer a question he goes into this nervous scared little panic, like his eyes will start looking all over the room and hell start breathing heavier and I usually help him by whispering the answer. Don't get me wrong he's very smart but he doesn't handle talking in front of people like that very well at all. He's so compliant to. He'll do almost anything you ask of him, like my friend cat said something and in all honesty it made her look stupid and she knew this after she said it, and he did this little tiny giggle at her, because that's how he laughs, and she said don't you laugh at me. And he immediately stopped and sat there quietly. And that was such a shock to me and it made me think why would he act this way whats wrong and what could of caused this behavior? Any answers?

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    It sounds to me that the boy you described *possibly* has Aspergers snydrome or Autism.

    They are the same in some ways such as:

    -both have trouble maintaining age appropriate relationships

    - both suffer from poor communication skills

    - children with autism and Aspergers alike may develop obsessions to a specific subject of interest

    - hyper or hyposensitivity to pain and touch is common in both disorders

    - poor eye contact is exhibited by both populations

    - problems with gross and fine motor skills can be noted in both groups

    - resistance to a change in routine is commonly found in both Aspergers and autism

    They differ in these ways-

    - Aspergers is usually detected later in a child’s life than autism

    - autistic people typically are to some degree oblivious to the need for social interactions

    - children with Aspergers express a desire to fit in socially, whereas autistic kids gravitate toward complete exclusion and seclusion

    - in autism, the person’s IQ is usually below average, and communication delays are always present

    - many autistic children are very late at developing verbal language (some are nonverbal)

    - normal to above average intelligence and language development is common in children with Aspergers

    - problems with depression are much more common with people who have Aspergers than in those with autism

    - the average age for the diagnosis of Aspergers is 6 to 11, while Autism is usually diagnosed around or before the age of 3

    - those with Aspergers tend to know that they have social challenges and sometimes suffer anxiety and depression related to these problems

    - verbal IQ is higher than the performance IQ in Aspergers

    - with Aspergers, even though speech is sometimes repetitive, the grammar is usually very good

    - young children with Aspergers reach most developmental milestones within a typical time frame

    Sorry that was so long. Now remember I'm not saying that is what he has, but it just sounds that way to me. No matter what causes him to be different is okay, that's just who he is. Don't make fun of him hes not a threat to anyone.

    Hope that helped!

    Source(s): Behavioral analyst for investigation unit.
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    Any answer here is just pure speculation but I wouldn't be surprised to find he lives in a very strict household or something like that. He sounds like he gets overly anxious, that could be a social problem, heck it all could be, maybe a mild form of something, but the picture you paint seems to coincide best with a strict upbringing. He may not be welcome to talk about or discuss sex, he may not be invited to share his thoughts to much of a degree and he may be quick to be corrected when he doesn't listen.

    I hope that's not the case as it's a very hard way to grow up, but at least he sounds like he's got a few people that are looking out for him at school, even if he is a bit awkward.

    Good Luck!

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    Haha those were my friends! But I'm not oh so self conscious like that. Just an mma junkie. They are actually friendly, geeky/really nerdy(one read a lot of dragon book), also very cautious it seems. I wouldn't judge so quickly these dudes sat at my lunch table. I guess I was kinda like them at one point, but I started doing mma and got some confidence. Dang I miss this guys they were actually nice, awesome, and nerdy.

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    These are symptoms of autism or ocd. Have Patience please! Autism make kids have nervous actions and are impared socially. Ocd causes strangse behavior and self consciousness. He probably has one or both. Just remember to be kind and patient. Bullying can cause kids to feel bad and commit suicidal acts. Try to be friendly and remember bot everyone's perfect.

    Source(s): I have mild ocd. Have a friend with autism. (Patience please)
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