Getting an MBA(focus in finance): will this give me a good chance of getting a good job?

I have very little experience but will have my MBA. Will this give me a good shot at getting a good job/career with potential of moving up positions in the future? Is finance a good career choice? &What skills are needed to excel in a finance career?

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  • Rob
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    7 years ago
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    if in USA, u and a 100 more folks are

    fighting for 1 job.

    do not waste time money or life going for

    some thing not in demand.

    if u want to b a business owner = get a library card.

    MBA just means employee, not owner.

    use the library as u got much to learn so

    u can earn.

    if in USA, visit to learn what is

    Actually in demand.

    Source(s): exstreet person, employer now of debtor grads thanks librarys
  • 7 years ago

    An MBA allows you to expand your options, and with all the competition in business, expanded options are essential to your long-term success. Whether you decide to go into management, become a business owner, or explore the wonderful world of teaching, the new horizons opened to you with an MBA are extensive, and they can change your life dramatically.

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