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I have upgraded my browser to Explorer 10 but I can not attach any files to an email?

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    I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem attaching files to emails you want to send. We are looking into this issue. If you will, please go to:

    and leave the requested information as an "answer". This will help us isolate what is causing this for some people.

    Additionally, their are two likely culprits that could be causing this behavior -- if you are using Internet Explorer, this could be caused by a feature called "Compatibility Mode", or it could be caused by a conflict with a addon or extension in your Web browser.

    To learn how to turn off Compatibility Mode in IE, please read "Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode", available at:

    For help disabling addons to see if that is what is causing this problem for you, have a look at the Yahoo! Mail Help article "How to turn off browser add-ons and plug-ins" for the best help resolving this problem. You can find the link to it below.

    You may also want to follow the steps in the Yahoo! Mail Help article "Basic Browser Troubleshooting", which you can find at the following link.

    I look forward to seeing your post on the official Question linked at the top of this comment, and I appreciate your patience while we investigate and correct this problem! KIMAIL-6333941

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