HELP! I think I may have a cockroach infestation on my hands!?

It all started a few months ago. The first cockroach I had ever encountered in my 6 years of living in this house. Then, a few weeks later, I encountered one in my room. And now, a few months later, I've found 2-3 this month alone. All of these encounters have been during nighttime, if my memory serves correctly. I find cockroaches extremely creepy, gross, and as a pontention health threat. How can I find them, kill them, and prevent them from reproducing and moving back in, etc etc all other ways to just get them out and keep them out. Should I contact an exterminator, and what would they be able to do to help? Also, may I point out, it has been very rainy lately, if that helps at all.

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    7 years ago
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    We started seeing roaches after years of living in our house. We use Ortho Home Defense Max and it has really helped. It doesn't stink. We spray around the outside perimeter and inside as well. We haven't seen any roaches since we started using this stuff. We buy it at Lowe's. I think it's $12-$15.

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    Well, I personally don't like spraying poisons around my house so years and years ago I called the county agriculture agent and asked what I could use against roaches that was non poisonous. His immediate reply was that the best treatment of ANY kind was good old Boric Acid Powder. It gets in to their carcass, dries them out and kills them. They also take it back to their nests and wipe out their fellow roaches. You can find it in the insecticide aisle of most super markets under such names as Roach Away, Roach Rid or something similar. Sprinkle it in the backs of closets and drawers and along baseboards. Also around windows, doors or any other place they may enter. My daughter once asked me why we had no roaches but all her friends houses did. Simple. Boric Acid Powder. It also works against ants.

    Source(s): Roach free for fifty years.
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    you should call exterminator as soon as possible,

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