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VERY coarse pubic and anal hair?!?

How can I get totally rid of or at least drastically thin my very coarse and dark pubic and anal hair?

I'm WAY too sensitive to shave and the hairs are too thick, laser is too expensive, and waxing is too hard and painful and I don't want to wait for the hair to refrigerator. What do I do?!!!

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    7 years ago
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    Here's how to shave your pubes. If you can afford to buy the No-No hair remover on TV that's the best way. If not then 1st pluck/wax as many of them as you can while they're long. Then when youre in the bath, put shampoo on the area you want shaved. Get a 5 bladed razor like Gillette Fusion & shave upwards.

    Afterwards you could rub some fancy bar soap on it to make it soft later.

    To avoid the bad side effects you could rub it with something like rubbing alcohol or witch hazel. After you've shaved for a while, your skin will get used to being smooth & will not hurt next time. It hurt when I started & now that I've been shaving for years I dont get that anymore.

    If done right, you'll be incredibly smooth & sexy like me.

    The pros of shaving are you feel cleaner, slicker, sexier, & it improves sexual performance.

    The only con of shaving is the maintenance. Yes shaving or using the No-No does take time but then alot of hairy people waste time doing all sorts of other crap. BTW girls, smooth skin is alot sexier than makeup so you could trade makeup time with shaving.

    To the idiots that say you cant be mature if you're not hairy, that's exactly like saying men cant be men without beards & men without them look like boys. Real adults are mature either way.

    & to the idiots saying you shouldnt shave cause pubes are natural, you do unnatural stuff all the time so unless youre a backwoods hippy, you have no room to talk.

    You should go natural when it comes to food, not hair.

  • dave j
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    7 years ago

    Personally you would be just fine for me just the way you are. Not all us guys like our girls to look like children. It looks more natural, mature, and sexy for me.

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