What would be a good reason?

In my book, a girl named Kylie hunts fallen angels. her past is a big deal. Her mother, who is the daughter of an archangel, was hidden from her father...for in the heavens eyes she was an abomination...on her 20th birthday, her father found out about her...on the day of her death she gave birth to her own daughter, Kylie. After her birth, Kylie died, but right as she took her last breath, the archangel who is her grandfather cam down to earth, and right before death could fully take Kylie hegave her some of his blood bring her back to life...of course that increased the angelic blood in her and she then possessed the some of the powers of her grandfather...the thing is...the grandfather wanted his daughter dead, so I am trying to figure out why he brought his granddaughter back to life

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  • 7 years ago
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    Because angels don't allow innocent children to die for their parent's sins? Angels shouldn't go around allowing babies to die because they're upset at the parents.

    I'm confused- her father must have somehow been part of having his baby, right? Maybe he feels guilty because he got Kylie's grandmother pregnant and couldn't do anything for that baby, and now wants to make it up by taking care of Kylie?

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